Thursday, November 26, 2015

Early LoBue Guitar single pickup model

This is one of the earliest known guitars built by Charles LoBue at his Guitar Lab on 7th Avenue. During this time he was partnered with Carl Thompson and had apprentices Steve Blucher, Larry DiMarzio and Bob Sindorf among others. LoBue didn't build his own pickups, rather typically repaired and rewound Guild and Gibson PAF's to his own liking. This guitar features an adjustable pole pickup and original Hawk electronics along  with fuzz controls and an unusual FUZZ switch. It has what looks to be an original paint job over a mahogany body and an ebony fretboard. The action is super and the fretboard is nearly untouched. Terrific guitar and super piece of history, being of the same family of the first guitars built for Kiss, Good Rats and Rick Derringer among others.

This guitar is SOLD US

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Check out the cracking in the original finish
Dig the wooden pickup cover