Thursday, July 7, 2016

Very Early 1972 Series 1 Alembic Guitar

Series I Title (From the Alembic site)

 In production continuously since 1972, Series I guitars are the classic Alembic guitar. We've refined them slightly over the years, but the essentials remain the same. We start with great single coil pickup sound with no hum thanks to our external "dummy" humcancelling pickup. The signal passes through our stereo electronics with each pickup using its own filter frequency and 3-position Q switch for crazy amounts of tone shaping. Our woodworking is second to none. There are no shortcuts, no compromises, just good, solid craftsmanship. There's no secret to great woodworking, but you actually have to do it, and we deliver just that every day, every time. The wood itself has a huge part to play in shaping the tone. Our wood selection is exhaustive, and we evaluate new varieties as they come to market. Nearly 40 years of careful listening to the wood's impact on the tone lets us guide you in selecting the right woods to give your guitar's natural tone something that you won't have to fight - it will be made to suit your needs.

This is an early (Alembic founder Rick Turner says first 20 likely) and Mica at Alembic indicated had to be first 30.  This is an amazing extremely early Series I Alembic 6 string guitar. Featuring the early light brown pickups, hand worked brass cover plate, a beautiful inlaid headstock logo and some of the most incredible abalone inlay that I have seen, this guitar was decked out to the max with intense birdseye maple top and back. Rick Turner indicated to me that this was one of the first 20 instruments based on the logo, pickups, tail and his recollection of this heavy birdseye concentration.
Discussions with other Alembic players and luthiers indicates that it may partially be due to it's hand rubbed finish.

It is certainly a pleasure to play compared to similar instruments. Action is excellent and setup remains right on without any fuss. This guitar of course includes an Alembic power supply and pin cord. I believe that this guitar is not only a fine player but an extremely rare part of Alembic history. It looks and sounds amazing.
 Alembic's current price list:
Model              6-string        12-string
Orion              6400            7900
Skylark            6800            8300

Further Stage      8500           10000
Tribute Stage      9000           10500

Little Darling     8300            9500
Spectrum           8000            9200

Further           12800           14500
Tribute           17600           19100

Series I          18500           20000
Series II         23500           25000

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